Happy 6 Years of 8THWNDR! Hear stories about 8THWNDR over the years from Sal, Mark, and Alex.
Hi my name is Dean, Yes... THE Dean. Instead of the usual loud and disruptive antics I wanted to tell you a story of what 8THWNDR means to me. I remember when I had first modeled for 8THWNDR . My hair was wacky and long, I was so overweight - I was practically popping out of the skinny jeans (that I had no business wearing in the first place).
If you ask me, March is a weird month. Where I’m from (in the northeast) the weather has trouble deciding whether it wants to be Winter or Spring. I eagerly wait to throw on shorts, grab my board and hit the skatepark with my friends - but I’m always at the mercy of Mother Nature. It’s wack.

California…what a big (and beautiful) place for a small town kid like me. Going to California was quite the experience - especially with the 8THWNDR team. This trip was planned months ago as a way for a few homies to get out of town and relax a bit, but it turned into so much more for the brand.